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Mendel Feigenbaum moved the MAMI operations to Hallandale Beach, Florida and began to expand their insurance relationship with US domestic carriers. Daniel Feigenbaum took over MAMI operations and expanded our Property & Casualty products into South Florida markets. Major American Marketing International Company re-branded to Miami Insurance Brokers in order to help expand its product distribution strategy within the state of Florida. Miami Insurance Brokers continues to focus on growth and expansion of their product availability in over 26 states. 1955 1994 2008 2011 2019

About Us

Miami Insurance Brokers is dedicated to providing customers with the utmost excellence in service, response, and information. We value all of our client's concerns and situations and so we are always committed to advising you with the best financial and objective analysis to serve your individual needs. 

Here at Miami Insurance Brokers, we strive to cultivate long-standing relationships with our customers and their families, by providing world-class assistance, access, and support.

In over three decades of business, we have established a large network of contacts in all aspects of the insurance realm: from life insurance to annuities, from health insurance to specialty risk, from commercial to boats, and from auto to home insurance. We work closely and have intimate relationships with such corporate worldwide giants as Beach Street, Progressive, Chartis International, and Lloyd's of London, just to name a few. We have gained their utmost trust throughout the years by always placing sound, clean, and effective business and always adhering to the highest principles of morals and business ethics. Our highest goal is to gain and retain your trust by helping you hedge risk, enjoy the benefits of insurance, and reduce stress by knowing we are here for all of your insurance needs.   




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