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Coverage Benefits

Big discounts for paid-in-full, prior coverage, general liability, multi­ vehicles, prior business experience, and more! Multiple coverages and payment options, including recurring card payments. Flexibility for drivers with "less than perfect" driving records.


Available automatic coverage for eligible new hire employees that drive company vehicles. Trailer insurance options for a variety of trailer types.

Commercial Auto

Coverage Options

Business Auto Insurance

Customized insurance for your small business vehicle.

Truck Insurance

Truck insurance to protect you on the road.

Pickup Truck Insurance

Pickup truck insurance that won't cut into your budget.

Box Truck Insurance

Insurance for box trucks and straight trucks.

Tow Truck Insurance

Coverages to meet your tow truck business' needs.

Dump Truck Insurance

Heavy-duty insurance for your dump truck.

Van Insurance

Complete insurance protection for commercial vans.

Snow Plow Insurance

Snow plow insurance optiobns for every season.

More Details

Do you use a vehicle to carry out operations for your business? A Personal Auto insurance policy probably won’t cover you in case of an accident if you do. The liability protection for a Commercial Vehicle insurance policy is usually greater than the amount provided under a personal plan and commercial companies do not register vehicles in the same way as a personal vehicle, so the information provided to obtain a quote is different.

Miami Insurance Brokers provide Commercial Vehicle insurance for wide variety of businesses and commercial vehicles. Whether you are a small business owner with a one­-man fleet or a firm with bigger equipment needs, we can protect you with Commercial Auto insurance.

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