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Management Liability

Coverage Options

Management liability is the term commonly used to describe a package of various insurance policies designed to protect a corporation and its directors and officers. This package protects your facility and it's employees against circumstances not covered under a traditional commercial general liability policy.  

Management Liability Products Available

Directors & Officers Liability (D&O):

  • Protects the directors and officers and the corporation against financial loss resulting from litigation brought against them for an alleged wrongful act in their capacity as directors and officers

  • Protects the personal assets of the directors and officers and also the assets of the corporation

  • Makes coverage available for both public and private companies

  • Includes a claims-made policy form

Fiduciary Liability:


  • Covers defense costs and damages from suits against plan trustees and other fiduciaries that administer and/or oversee employee benefit plans, even those who contract with investment managers

  • Protects against losses to a benefit plan incurred as a result of an individual’s alleged negligent act or omission in the administration or oversight of plans.  

  • Includes profit sharing, disability, medical, and life insurance

  • Insures:

    • ​Specific plan(s) designated by the policy

    • The employer sponsoring the plan

    • Any individual serving as trustee, director, officer or employee of the plan

    • Any other person or organization specified by the policy

  • Includes claims-made policy form

Employment Practices Liability (EPL):


  • Provides coverage for defense costs and damages from liability resulting from an actual or alleged “employment practices violation” by an employee, applicant, or third party

  • Protects the company and employees including the past, present, part-time, seasonal  and temporary, volunteers, and applicants for employment

  • Includes but are not limited to allegations of:

    • ​Harassment (sexual or otherwise)

    • Discrimination

    • Retaliation by employer

    • Wrongful termination

    • Failure to employ/hire/promote/grant tenure

    • Liable, humiliation, slander

    • Violation of an employee’s civil rights

    • Infliction of emotional distress

    • Deprivation of career opportunities

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