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Liquor Liability

Coverage Options

Our products are designed for small businesses in the hospitality industry as well as those seeking insurance for special events. We plan to be a consistent long-term market for your business. Our agents also have comprehensive knowledge of state-specific liquor laws, which can be used as a resource by you and your clients.


For entertainment and special events, alcoholic beverages are usually ready to serve. But what will happen when things get out of hand with too much liquor consumption? Your business may be held liable for the actions of intoxicated customers. You can take measures to limit your risk of liability, but you will need to protect your business with a suitable liquor liability insurance policy.

More Details

Product Highlights:

Monoline Liquor Liability for establishments that sell or serve alcoholic beverages, offering protection for covered claims of negligent sale or service.

Key Advantages:


  • Assualt & Battery included or available for additional premium

  • No cap on alcohol sales

  • Defense costs outside the limit

  • Risks with security and major entertainment acceptable

  • Liquor License Holder included as Additional Insured automatically

  • Coverage available for both licensed and unlicensed operations


  • Liquor Liability limits up to $1 million/$2 million available

  • No sublimit on Assault & Battery ($100,000/$300,000 sublimit on adults clubs only)

Preferred Classes:


  • Bars

  • Restaurants

  • Private Fraternal Clubs

  • Retail Liquor/Convenience Stores

  • Nightclubs

  • Adult/Gentleman's Clubs

  • Banquet Halls

  • Caterers/Bartending Services

  • Wholesale Distributors

Restricted Classes:

  • Wineries

  • After-hours clubs

  • Multiple prior Liquor and/or Assault & Battery claims

  • Territorial restrictions could apply

  • Bottle Service

We Can Bundle Your Business Insurance Policies








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