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High Value
Items Insurance

Some Items are just priceless

Miami Insurance Brokers specializes in providing access to different coverages for your valuable works of art, fine jewelry, extensive coin collections, and other unique and valuable items, through our suite of personal lines insurance products. Miami Insurance Brokers has a proven record of quickly and fairly resolving claims arising from high-value personal articles.


Worldwide coverage on the ISO personal inland marine form

Most classes of personal property can be considered, including jewelry, furs, cameras, musical instruments, silverware, golf equipment, golf carts, fine art, postage stamps, coins, guns/firearms, and bicycles

No standard deductible

Attractive appraisal requirements

Coverage for property on exhibit available

Policies covering engagement/wedding rings may be issued in the name of the two interested individuals, irrespective of domicile

Credits can be provided for use of a bank vault, safety deposit box, or personal safe.

Some Of The Items We Can Insure 


Fine Arts

Camera Equipment


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Boats &

Home & Condo

High Value



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