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Kidnap &
Ransom Insurance

Protect Your Legacy

A  Kidnap and Ransom policy is a necessity for organizations and individuals worldwide. Hiscox helps your clients manage a variety of security risks including threats and extortion against people, property and propriety information.


Many organizations lack the resources and personnel to quickly and professionally respond to threatening situations. We help companies face their legal duty to exercise reasonable care in providing a safe workplace.


Hiscox Special Protection Solutions

Allows organizations of all sizes to effectively address domestic and international exposures. Click here to watch video.

Exclusive partnership with Control Risks

An incident response provider, works proactively with policyholders to manage any incident. Control Risks security consultants are deployed domestically or worldwide, usually within 24 hours.

Tailored Coverage

Developed through conversations with security directors and risk managers.


Kidnaps for Ransom


Child Abductions


Express Kidnaps

Hostage Situations

Threats to: Kill or injure, Damage property and Divulge confidential or propriety information

Unlawful incarcerations by foreign governments

Security Related Evacuations

Disappearances Of Insured Persons

Individuals or organizations declared persona non grata

Who We Cover


Academic Special Protection Solution

Hospital Special Protection Solution

Houses of Worship Special Protection Solution

Television and Film Special Protection Solution

Personal Special Protection Solution

Claim Scenario

Threat Response - United States

The receptionist at a small service company receives a call from a disgruntled customer. The caller threatens to blow up the office. No demands were made or response was requested by the caller.


Express kidnap – Mexico

An American executive of a medium-size organization traveling in Juarez was grabbed while walking to his hotel. He was driven to an ATM machine and forced to take out money before being stripped of his personal possessions. The kidnappers held him overnight and forced him to withdraw more money before they released him.


Extortion - India

An executive of a medium-sized technology company received an email that his children were going to be kidnapped unless a ransom demand was met. The perpetrator demanded $100,000 to be dropped off at a specific location.

We Can Bundle Your Policies & Save You Money

Boats &


Home & Condo

High Value




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